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Dhanraj Group is a family-owned business entrenched in the year 1991. From a humble start of selling Petroleum fuels at its gas stations in Rajasthan; Dhanraj Group of companies has widely diversified itself in a conglomerate venturing into different fields such as Real Estate, Power Generation, Logistics, Warehousing, Water treatment, Financing, Automobile showrooms and Embroidery work.

Dhanraj group was part of M/s Murlidhar Ishwardas which is a 100-year-old firm headquartered in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Murlidhar Ishwardas has been authorised dealer of Standard Vacuums, Esso Eastern Co. & Hindustan Petroleum.

With the experience received being a part of M/s Murlidhar Ishwardas, Dhanraj group has ventured into different sectors now. Along with water treatment, textiles and automobile showrooms. Dhanraj group believes in infrastructural development by providing hassle-free logistics, construction and renewal energy generation with the installation of windmills.

It has a dedicated and hardworking team. These team members are experts and are keen to leverage the expertise for collective growth. They are well equipped with the market knowledge and prompt decision making needed for a business to excel. With a well-organised and foresighted approach, Dhanraj Group has built a reputation like no other and enjoys a place of pride all over India.

To be the premium amalgamation with a clear focus on every one of the business

To serve the best products and service in the market and deliver superior value to our customers, employees and the society at large.

Our Team

<strong>Narendrakumar Garg</strong>
Narendrakumar Garg
Head of Dhanraj Group
Handles Water Treatment, Construction, Finance & Investment portfolios for Dhanraj Group.Hi-Tech Ro System and Dhanraj Group Residence – Surat, Gujarat
<strong>Satish Agarwal</strong>
Satish Agarwal
Administrates the Logistics, Construction, Leasing and Investment portfolios based in Vadodara.Agarwal Roadlines and HariOm Developers
Residence – Vadodara, Gujarat
<strong>Late Premprakash Garg</strong>
Late Premprakash Garg
Instrumental in setting up Textile business in Surat.
<strong>Ashokkumar Garg</strong>
Ashokkumar Garg
Handles the Textile business and manages the accounts of all companies under Dhanraj Group.Sargam Capital Ltd.
Residence – Surat, Gujarat
<strong>Dineshkumar Garg</strong>
Dineshkumar Garg
Manages the bitumen logistics and trading business. Also, handles warehousing based in Mumbai.Agarwal Roadlines
Residence – Mumbai, Maharashtra
<strong>Kailashkumar Agarwal</strong>
Kailashkumar Agarwal
Looks after the Logistics and Degassing business. Agarwal Roadlines and Agarwal Tanks and Allied Works
Residence – Vadodara, Gujarat
<strong>Amit Agarwal </strong>
Amit Agarwal
MBA & Engineer from Florida Institute of Technology Invested in fabrication and construction business based in Vadodara. Agarwal Tanks and Allied Works and HariOm Developers
Residence – Vadodara, Gujarat
<strong>Ashish Agrawal</strong>
Ashish Agrawal
Masters from East London College, United Kingdom
Manages the Logistics business and accounts for all of Dhanraj Group.Agarwal Roadlines
Residence – Vadodara, Gujarat
<strong>Akash Garg </strong>
Akash Garg
Masters from Middlesex University, United Kingdom
Handles the construction business in Surat. Dhanraj Group
Residence – Surat, Gujarat
<strong>Utsav Agarwal </strong>
Utsav Agarwal
Master from University of Exeter, United Kingdom
Manages the imports, trading and processing units.Sanjivani Industries
Residence – Mumbai, Maharashtra
<strong>Akshay Garg</strong>
Akshay Garg
Masters from South Bank University, London
Handles the construction business in Surat.Dhanraj Group Residence – Surat, Gujarat
<strong>Nikhil Garg</strong>
Nikhil Garg
Masters from Massey University, New Zealand. Invested in the construction business in Surat.Dhanraj Group
Residence – Surat, Gujarat
<strong>Princy Agarwal</strong>
Princy Agarwal
Masters from University of Exeter, United Kingdom
Looks after Digital Marketing for Dhanraj Group.
Residence –Mumbai, Maharashtra
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